Lvle Up Skill Play allows gamers to profit of their skill.

VANCOUVER - Since launch Lvle Up has had a heavy emphasis on sports titles, like FIFA , NBA 2K, NHL and Madden , but there are also some heavy hitters like Fortnite, Apex Legends and Call of Duty which will eventually be brought on to the platform. Gamers can create or accept head-to-head challenges or compete

in massive 200-player tournaments. The wagers will start as low as $5 but can reach much higher. Lvle Up will take a percent of the bets as a fee.

The company will have its own rating system that will determine someone’s skills as a gamer so that users can match themselves up for head-to-head battles accordingly before they pony up a wager. “Our goal is to create a fair playing field for all gamers using the platform” says the companies Founder Jadan Claire.

Skill Play Head-to-head matches will become available to players November 1st followed by Online Tournaments in the coming months.




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